Why Truffles?

Truffles are one the great foods which, have always been hunted and prized by the World's gourmets and chefs.
Their production has dropped dramatically over the last century, whilst demand for them has continued to rise exponentially.

Science behind
the trees

Truffles are simply fungus (tuber style mushrooms) that co-exist and grow on the roots of certain tree species.
Recent scientific developments have seen much rigour and consistency brought to the art and this shows benefits in quality and increased plantation production.

Why France?

France is regarded as one of the great countries where truffles have been sourced since ancient times.
Southern France has the world's largest number of plantations, with land and climatic conditions perfect for truffle growth.

Reforesting for Fine Food

Why buy from us?

We offer a unique opportunity to be an owner of the very best crop from the most valuable source, of one of the world's greatest luxury food items. True "French" black winter truffles command a significant premium in a World market where demand hugely outstrips supply.

Whether you want to buy as a gift, for a birthday, marriage or even plant your tree(s) in memory of a loved one or just enjoy for yourself, you will own a real piece of gourmet heritage prized the world over, for a fraction of the price you will need to pay for truffles at retail value.

And what's more, your tree(s) will grow in value and keep giving for over 20 years.

Of course, you can just enjoy the long term financial rewards if that's what you would prefer. In either case, we'll be there to plant, look after and keep you informed about your tree(s) and truffles, giving them the same rigorous and nurturing care and attention we give our own.